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William Harmening

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(2nd Printing)
$15.95 at Barnes & Noble (Paperback or Kindle).

Originally published by ABA Publishing in Chicago, this work of non-fiction is now available in its second printing. The book chronicles the work of the author, considered to be one of the Nation's leading experts on the subject of police use of force. William Harmening has been consulted as an expert in over 300 cases across the country, and testified in both the Michael Brown case in Ferguson MO and the more recent case of George Floyd in Minneapolis MN. An enlightening work for anyone interested in this subject.


2023 Pulitzer Nominated


Other Non-fiction Books by William Harmening

These books are college textbooks and are widely used throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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2014 Charles C. Thomas Pub.

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2015 Pearson Publishing

2013 Prentice Hall

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About William Harmening

William Harmening is a 37-year state law enforcement officer, having retired as the Chief Special Agent for the unit in Illinois responsible for all Investment fraud investigations. Prior to that, as a Deputy Chief of Investigations for the Office of the Illinois Attorney General in Chicago, he commanded the State of Illinois' first high-tech crimes task force. Concurrent with his law enforcement career, William also served as an adjunct professor of criminology and forensic psychology, first at Roosevelt University in Chicago, and later at Washington University in St. Louis, one of the Nation's top universities. There, he personally designed, implemented, and served as the sole instructor in the university's undergraduate certificate in Forensic Psychology program.


Beginning in 2012, William began testifying as an expert witness in cases involving police use of force. After serving as the plaintiff's expert in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson MO in 2015, he very quickly rose to national prominence as one of the top experts in his field. To date, he has consulted as an expert in over 300 cases in 42 different states. His cases have included many of the most highly publicized cases in the nation, including the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis MN. 

William now spends his days writing in the tranquil hills south of Nashville TN.  

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